Roulette Strategy Myths

As far as roulette is concerned, there is much false information going around. Knowing which is fact and fiction is a must if you are looking for a good strategy. We will discuss some of the most popular roulette myths on this post. But, to give you more background on what roulette strategies are, feel free to visit

People say so many things about roulette. Those who claim as experts have much to say about this. But, this does not imply that what they say holds true. In fact, many strategies are ineffective. Instead of making you win, you will lose repeatedly in roulette if you stick to them.

You will make a profit because, eventually, you will win.

Statistics show that winning is a huge possibility. Although it is really true that you will win, the timing of that winning bet is not predictable. It is highly possible that you will lose a lot before you win. It is also true that you can lose your entire bankroll before you can win. There will always be a house edge which would guarantee that you will be losing money to the casino.

Changing the bet size or progression strategies will make you win.

This is one big lie. Progression strategies are either positive or negative. Positive progression calls for increasing the bet size when you lose while a negative progression will lead to decreasing the bet size after losing. This does not change your winning odds and will not help improve it.

Watching out for a “trigger” will make you win more often.

Many players are looking out for triggers when they are playing roulette. This trigger could be a number sequence that could give them a negative or a positive edge. If the simple triggers is to bet on black if the last 10 spins is a red, then the chances of it actually making you win is unlikely. But if you have a trigger that is based on a bias analysis such as observing 10,000 spins and seeing that a certain number is favored by the wheel, then that trigger could be an effective one.

Strategies that make you win most of the time are what you should use.

When you apply a simple system in roulette which made you win over the short term, you should stick to it. This is what some people believe is true but actually this is just pure luck. Winning over the short term is a given when you play in casinos. Even casinos know this. They are actually banking not on these short term wins that player have but on the long term. Given their house edge, casinos are assured of making money from their patrons over the long term.

You have to watch out for roulette streaks

There are people who believe that roulette has streaks. This means that if you recognize that streak and follow your perceived pattern you will win on the next spin. But, this is a false belief. The odds for each winning number will not be affected by the result of the previous spin. Although there are cases where numbers come out consecutively, this does not mean that there is a streak. This is just a result of pure coincidence.

You can have long term profits by skipping to bet on a spin

When you are a roulette player, the idea of just making a bet may not be ideal at all times. There are cases when you are testing a system and you tend to skip on some spins to test your theory. For instance, there were 2,000 spins and out of that total spins, you only placed a bet on 200 spins. When you make a profit, that profit is just from those 200 spins, not over the total number of spins which is 2,000.

Managing your bankroll is a sure way to win.

In roulette, managing your bankroll is of prime importance. In fact, this is an integral part of the entire process. However, merely managing your bankroll will only help you stay longer in the game. This will not help you make a profit in the long term. This does not work since all you do is change the amount you place as a bet. The outcome of the roulette spin will not be affected in any way. This could supplement a good strategy anyhow but it will only work when you already have a strategy that would work.

These are just some of the misconceptions that are surrounding roulette. Although some of these are geared in statistical estimates, they are not necessarily true. In a game of chance such as roulette, there is no such thing as long term balance. Just because a certain color for instance did not come out in the last 100 spins does not mean that you should bet on it since it will definitely come out on the 101st spin.

Probabilities still hold true but the casino will also have its edge over the players. If you are playing to win, you need to know what strategy to use. This strategy should improve your winning odds, otherwise, you will only be wasting your time on this casino game.


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